Inspira TV's Strategy to Capture Gen Z through Digital TV


  • Nur Hidayat Muhammad Politechnic Tempo
  • Rosdiana Politeknik Tempo, Indonesia
  • Rahma Tri Widuri Politeknik Tempo, Indonesia



Digital Television, Gen Z, Programe


The television industry in Indonesia is entering a new chapter, with the existence of analog switch off (ASO) gradually until November 2, 2022, where all television broadcasts use digital  television systems.  Television audiences increased after ASO, including generation Z (Gen Z) who had not watched television broadcasts so far. This research  looks at Inspira TV's program strategy to attract the attention  of Gen Z through various programs since the trial period of digital television broadcasting in 2015.  This research was conducted using qualitative methods, with a case study approach on Inspira TV.  Primary data collection was carried out through  interviews with the CEO of Inspira TV  and secondary data  through related references derived from books, online articles, and other research-related journals related to this study. This research shows that the program created by Inspira TV has been proven to apply four generation Z characters, namely the  undefined ID, the  communaholic, the dialoguer, and the realistic as McKinsey suggested.  Inspira TV also created a special WhatsApp group for the Jam Sekolah (School Hour) television show  to interact with the audience.  In addition,  Inspira TV newscasts  are also spread through social media that are more familiar with Gen Z such as Instagram, TikTok, and so on.  


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Rosdiana, Politeknik Tempo, Indonesia



Rahma Tri Widuri, Politeknik Tempo, Indonesia




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DOI: 10.33102/jcicom.vol3no1.69
Published: 2023-07-01

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