Exploring the Influences of Social Networking Service (SNS) on Consumer Purchase Behaviour


  • Nur Anis Shazwani Ahmad Shukri Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Norsimaa New Media Program, Faculty of Management and Leadership, USIM




Social Networking Service (SNS) can be defined as an online platform that is used to create interpersonal connections. Nowadays, TikTok and Instagram are widely used as trending online platforms for purchasing activities among youth. The goal of this study is to identify how TikTok and Instagram features influences user’s behaviour to purchased or consumed products as well as to study the impact of TikTok and Instagram platforms in determining customer preferences. One-on-one in-depth interview was conducted with six participants among USIM students. Purposive sampling had been used in selecting only participants who used and purchased products using TikTok and Instagram accounts. To find purchasing behavioural themes, the data analysis was manually coded. The study's findings on TikTok and Instagram show its features can influence purchasing products and both platforms impact in determining customers preferences. Interesting content can influence youth purchasing behaviour such as contents portrayed through TikTok and Instagram Lives besides emphasizing on social media features and engagement, marketing strategy, convenience, and audience’s preference. This research also found that TikTok and Instagram platforms help users to purchase online more conveniently as both platforms are user-friendly.


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Norsimaa, New Media Program, Faculty of Management and Leadership, USIM




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DOI: 10.33102/jcicom.vol3no1.88
Published: 2023-07-30

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